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August, 2019

  • 20 August

    CLEENO : Syrup – For Calculy

    क्लेनो सिरप वह दवा है जो मुख्य रूप से कैलकुली होती है क्लेनो सिरप प्रकृति के सर्वोत्तम आवश्यक जड़ी बूटियों में शामिल है जिसमें पथरी पर काम करने के लिए मजबूत शक्ति है क्लेनो सिरप जर्क फार्मा द्वारा शोध उत्पाद निर्माता हैं। जर्क फार्मा अद्वितीय संयोजन के साथ परिणाम उन्मुख …

  • 20 August


    एसिडॉन सिरप – डिस्प्सीसिया, अपचन, अति अम्लता, गैस्ट्रिक अल्सर, पेट में परेशानी में उपयोगी .. एसिडॉन सिरप – इम्मुनोमोडुलेटर, एंटीऑक्सीडेंट एवं पाचन संतुलित करता हे एसिडॉन सिरप – अस्थिर, कायाकल्प, रेचक, अम्लता, गैस और कब्ज में उपयोगी द्रव्य हे एसिडॉन सिरप – एंटी-बैक्टीरिया और पाचन शक्ति में सुधार करता है …

  • 20 August

    SLEEMO : Harbal capsule

    SLEEMO : Harbal capsule – Totally new concept of the treatment for obesity. Indication : Useful in Obesity & fatty body. Dosage : 1 to 2 capsule twice a day before meal or as directed by the Physician. Packing : 30 Caps. (Plastic Jar) 🌿Jark Pharma Pvt Ltd. Being a …

  • 20 August

    HUSKY: Herbal Powder

    HUSKY: Herbal Powder – BOWEL REGULATOR Indication: Useful in Constipation Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Colitis, Mucus Colitis. Dosage: 2 to 4 gms Direction for Use: At Bedtime along with warm water, milk or juice. Packing: Net Weight 30 gms (Plastic Jar) 🌿Jark Pharma Pvt Ltd. Being a pharmaceutical company that’s …

  • 20 August


    GASODIN Herbal Capsule Complete digestive and digests all types of food The basic nutrients from food are carbohydrates, protein & fat which are absorbed from the alimentary canal after being digested or split in to elementary constituents by various digestive enzymes. The insufficient secretion of one or more digestive enzyme …

  • 20 August


    JARK ON : Herbal Capsule Sexual energy is the creative energy of the universe Indication : Useful in erectile Dysfunction impotency, Sexual Desire, premature ejaculation Dosage : 1 to 2 Capsule at night with milk. Packing : 30 Caps., (Plastic Jar) 🌿Jark Pharma Pvt Ltd. Being a pharmaceutical company that’s …

  • 20 August


    BHRING NEEL : Herbal Hair Oil – For Complete Protection of Hair Indication : Useful for Healthy, Smooth & Long Black Hair, Checks loss of Hair & Greying of Hair, Ideal for Body Massage forInflants & childrens. Dosage : Gentle Massage on Scalp, Hair & body Packing : Net contains …

  • 20 August

    Acidon: Herbal Powder

    Stimulate the appetite, indigestion, and flatulence Digestive action useful to control and acid secretion Destructive action, undigested food is thrown out and increases the functional efficiency of the liver & tones up the digestive works as a neutralizer useful in acidity A doctor said about Acidon Powder: Gives better comfort …