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૫૦ વર્ષ ની ઉંમરે..| Self Image| Gyanvatsal Swami Motivational Speech @Apurva Gyan Motivational Video

Gyanvatsal Swami Motivational Speech on “૫૦ વર્ષ ની ઉંમરે સેલ્ફી” | Selfie at the Age of 50 | Self Image to i Manage | Inspirational Video | Inspirational Speech | Motivational Speech | Motivational Video | @Apurva Gyan Latest speech 2020

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HDH P.P. Pramukh Swami Maharaj suggested 3 important things for United Happy Family:
(1) Do GHAR SABHA (घर सभा) (A family “Get Together” and read a spiritual book, do a discussion on it, sharing ideas-thoughts, and resolving family issues if any) daily or at least two days a week
(2) Do have a meal together with all family members, every day at least once
(3) Do Arti-Pooja together with family, every day at least once

Benefits of reading holy books, seeing spiritual/positive video, temple darshan and chanting holy names of God:
(1) Increase in strength of body immune system
(2) Increase in secretion of hormones useful for well being of human body
(3) Reduction in stress and tension, which leads to a reduction in diseases like B.P., Diabetes, Cancer, and many more which are caused due to stress and tension
(4) Increase in memory power
(5) Increase in power to withstand any worse situation/happening in life
(6) Better decision making power
(7) Beautiful happy incredible united family life

Videos on this channel inspire and motivate me to live a better happy life. It educates people on right living.

Gyanvatsal swami motivational speeches in Gujarati / Hindi are available on our channel. Gyanvatsal swami speech is very inspirational. Gyanvatsal swami’s inspirational speech for students highly motivates them in their studies. Gyanvatsal swami Hindi Motivational videos are very useful in our day to day life. Gyanvatsal swami motivational speech gives the right way of living to everyone. In short, all the Inspirational Videos motivate to live an incredible, stress less, zero tension, depression, prosperous, peaceful happy life.

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